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Extreme Adventure

Adventure is the lifeline to many Alaskans. Kayaking, Mountain Biking, Ice Climbing, Rafting and Hiking, (one of my personal favorites), to name just a few! Xtremely Alaska, LLC offers adventures like these daily.

World class mountains (such as Denali, North America’s largest peak towering at 20,320 feet above sea level), first class fishing (river, lake and sea), amazing wildlife (both the marine and land “types”), long winters followed by long summer days where the sun barely sets, rainforests, glaciers, and bore tides, (a wave of water forced into the narrow Turnagain Arm of Cook Inlet – can be a couple of feet high, but sometimes it’s a frothy wall 6 feet high), Alaska seems to be many worlds in one unique place.

The activities to share with you are endless and beyond the obvious attractions. I’m talking about what the “nook & cranny” companies, like Xtremely Alaska, have to offer, a special taste of Alaska. Alaskan companies run by lifelong Alaskans offer the opportunity do something new, or go places you would not go or be aware of on your own.

The Chugach Range is a 300-mile span that begins just outside of Valdez traveling just east of Anchorage, making a horseshoe like shape. The part of the range located near and around Anchorage offers fantastic hiking, with peaks reaching heights of 7,000 feet. Flattop (3,500 feet), located just a half hour from downtown Anchorage, is the most popular mountain for hiking in Alaska.

Some individuals live so far up into the range that the lack of running water or flushing toilets is merely a way of life; a sacrifice easily made for the ability to open the front door and literally be at the trailhead. Many would tell you that hiking throughout the Chugach Range is a spiritual experience. What I can personally attest to is making it to the top of any of its peaks offers in addition to the feeling of personal accomplishment, the euphoria of being “On Top of the World”.

But don’t let my love of the peaks cloud your view, the hikes through the valleys offer equally amazing experiences. Porcupines waddling down the trail to the creek where a momma and baby Moose drink as the Arctic Squirrels scurry about. In the near distance a herd of Dall Sheep feed and an Eagle flies overhead. The views are nothing short of completely panoramic.

I invite you to see it for yourself. Join us Alaskan guides who have lived and played on these trails and mountains… let us take you the place we go!

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