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Alaska Facts and Trivia

Here is a list of facts and trivia about our great State of Alaska, and its history. If you have information to add to our page, please email it to

Alaska is the 49th state.

Alaska’s nickname is “Last Frontier”.

Alaska was Purchased in 1867 and cost Seven Million Dollars.

Alaska is the largest state in area.

Alaska is the largest peninsula in the Western.

Alaska’s state gem is jade. Alaska has large deposits of the gem, including an entire mountain of jade on the Seward Peninsula.

The tall, stately Sitka spruce is the state tree. It is found in southeastern and central Alaska.

State Flag - The blue field is for the sky and the forget-me-not, the state flower. The North Star is for the future of the state of Alaska, the most northerly of the Union. The dipper is for the Great Bear, symbolizing strength

The giant king salmon, which weighs up to 100 pounds, is the state fish.

State Fossil - Wooly Mammoth per the 14th Legislature - 1986

Gold is the state mineral. Gold has played a major role in Alaska’s history.

State Insect - The four spot skimmer dragonfly.

Marine Mammal - Bowhead whale per the 13th Legislature - 1983

Dog mushing is the state sport. It was once a primary form of transportation in many areas of Alaska.

State Motto - North to the Future.

Mt. McKinley is in Alaska Range and is North America’s highest peak at 20,320 feet.

Alaska’s state capital is Juneau.

Alaska state flower is the forget-me-not.

Famous Alaskans

Aleksandr Baranov trader, public official, Russia

Margaret Elizabeth Bell author

Benny Benson designed state flag at age 13, Chignik

Vitus Bering explorer, Denmark

Charles E. Bunnell educator

William A. Egan first state governor

Carl Ben Eielson pioneer pilot

Henry E. Gruennig political leader

B. Frank Heintzleman territorial governor

Walter J. Hickel former governor

Sheldon Jackson educator and missionary, Minaville, NY

Joe Juneau prospector

Austin Lathrop industrialist

Sydney Lawrence painter

John Griffith (Jack) London author, San Francisco, CA

Ray Mala actor

John Muir naturalist, explorer, Scotland

Virgil F. Partch cartoonist

Joe Redington, Sr. sled-dog musher and promoter

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